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About us

We are sure you have bumped into those amazing people on the streets who look stunning and inspiring. A cool hairstyle, effortless to comb, natural but stylish and sassy at the same time. Yes, we are talking about those fashionistas who love and adore natural dreadlocks. All that you need to look like them is to buy dreadlocks and let your stylist style them for you . That’s all! Your perfect image is ready to steal the show!

Why Ordering Dreadlocks Is a Good Idea?

- No bad hair days! Your hairstyle will always look perfect and it shouldn’t take long to handle it.
- You do not need to wait till your hair grows long to wear it in matted locks. You can style your ready-made dreadlocks even in your shortest haircut.
- Wearing dreads allows you to choose a stylish look without a hassle. Even casual outfit complemented by natural dreadlocks looks ridiculously appealing.
- Donning dreads is always a bit of experiment. You can decorate them with beads or other accessories, hence, changing their length and thickness. Just place an order for dreadlocks in our store to done are different hairstyle every day.
Sounds good? We are sure it does! And we have a cool proposition for you. If you want to buy your ready-made dreadlocks, we have them in store for you!

Who is Dreadradar?

We are a team of like-minded people who are hair professionals and experts in dreadlock culture. We deeply adore natural dreadlocks and can proudly claim that we are utterly conversant about almost everything concerning dreads. We invite you to join our community of dread-lovers and get to enjoy and done one of the eldest hairstyles created by humanity.

For us, dreadlocks are more than just a simple hairdo. It is a lifestyle and a state of mind that is natural, free and close to nature. If you are ready to make your looks brighter, bolder and appear incredibly original, we are waiting for you with a happy smile!

Dreadradar doesn't just sell dreadlocks. We make them ourselves. In our online store, we present a large collection of dreadlocks and hair extensions for men and women. We do not dwell on the same models as our competitors. We are constantly experimenting and looking for new options, and that is the secret behind offering different shades and diameters before others find out. And we are always ready to cooperate with our clients to share their ideas and implement them in the form of custom-made dreadlocks.