Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Our philosophy

Our company is the largest manufacturer of dreadlocks in the European market and one of the main players in this field in the US market. The secret of Dreadradar's success is not magic, but first of all a thoughtful, carefully guarded and client-driven philosophy, combined with continuous improvement of technological processes and attention to the smallest nuances of creating dreadlocks. And our success is largely due to our employees, who not only sincerely believe in our ideals, but also put them into practice with their own hands. After all, Dreadradar is also a friendly team of hair experts with vast experience in creating dreadlocks. These are the four cornerstones on which our company philosophy is built.


Our world is extremely diverse and we are glad that among Dreadradar's clients there are not only people of all genders and different ages, but also those who look at the world differently, have different preferences in clothing, food and choosing a life partner. That's why we are LGBTQ+ tolerant, support the Rastafari movement and at the same time are looking for our own stylish, unique solutions. Dreadradar is also a huge variety of dreadlocks, from natural to synthetic, from those that can be attached with bobby pins to go to the club to stylish stationary solutions, as well as strands for those who wear dreadlocks from a young age and those who have just decided to experiment with your hair.

Rastafarian culture

Dreadlocks are one of the oldest hairstyles, and in modern civilization, first of all, a symbol of belonging to African culture, a kind of tribute to the heritage of the African continent by its indigenous people and their descendants born in different parts of the world. But in our time, it is also part of the image, allowing you to show belonging to different subcultures, among which the most popular is, of course, Rastafari. And, of course, in the modern world, which so appreciates the return to the roots, multiculturalism and the willingness to borrow all the best, dreadlocks have also become a fashion accessory that allows you to emphasize closeness to nature, originality, spiritual freedom and creativity of everyone who decides on such a bold hairstyle. Perhaps you are one of them too?

Faire Trade - Fair Prices

A great product starts with a responsible attitude to its creation, and the first step in the production of our dreadlocks is the purchase of hair. We approach this process no less carefully than the choice of employees, acquiring raw materials only where we are sure of its origin after a thorough check of its quality and opting for natural, untreated hair. At the same time, we do not increase prices, but we organize the entire production process in such a way that both employees who receive a decent salary and customers who can purchase high-quality dreadlocks at an adequate price are satisfied.


Quality has always been our priority, and in order to obtain exceptionally high-quality dreadlocks, we buy selected hair directly from people, hairdressers, assemblers. Only the best raw materials get into the work, which simply cannot be compared with cheap hair available on the Internet. The production facilities are located in Eastern Europe and the sales company is in Germany.

Healthy and strong, ideally unprocessed, natural hair perfectly holds its shape and looks perfect. Of course, there are also colored strands, but they are exceptionally strong and contain enough moisture, and therefore hold color well even with long wear.

Our technologies deserve special attention, more precisely, the rejection of dubious solutions in favor of the recognized and time-tested classics. On our dreadlocks, only the hands of the master, a hook and a comb are involved in the process of their creation. We do not sell dreadlocks bought somewhere, on which we then put our logo and company name ... We sell products created by our own hands, and therefore we are confident in its quality.
But why extra words? Best of all - see for yourself!